Get permission to demolish a building

By law you must notify us if you are planning to demolish a building that has a total volume of over 50 cubic metres.

You must notify us a minimum of six weeks before the proposed demolition and we will need to know:

  • What is being demolished
  • Who owns the building
  • Who is doing the demolition
  • Your details, or those of the person arranging it all

You must also notify other interested parties at this stage. That includes:

  • The owners and occupiers of buildings next to yours
  • Utility companies who may have pipes or cables crossing the site

What you will need to include with your notification

We will need a scale site plan before we can consider a demolition notice application. Please mark on it:

  • The boundaries of the site highlighted in colour
  • The position of the building in relation to surrounding properties
  • If only certain parts of the buildings within the site are to be demolished the site plan should show which parts are affected and which are to remain

Include the site plan with your completed notification form and return to us at the address below.

Our surveyor will visit the site and assess what impact the proposed demolition works might have on the surrounding buildings. If the surveyor identifies any problems, they will contact you to discuss and resolve them.

Assuming all is satisfactory, we will send you a Section 81 Notice, which allows you to go ahead with the demolition work.

Download a form to notify us of proposed demolition work