Learning opportunities are for everyone, wherever you live and whatever your ability, personal or financial circumstances. If you've experienced barriers to learning in the past, we want to help you on your way to participate in learning and achieve useful qualifications.

To support these aims, we provide a range of non-vocational courses for adults across the county. These courses might be 'first steps' to encourage new learners, or personal and community learning programmes which are designed to meet your individual interests.

The courses are delivered at local community venues throughout Herefordshire. They include:

  • Basic computer courses for people with no previous experience
  • First Steps courses to help you get ready for employment
  • Personal development courses in craft and creative writing
  • Family literacy, numeracy and English as a Second or Other Language

We provide additional support for learners with special needs requirements. We also work in partnership with learning organisations to support them with training, resources and access to funding.

Our partner organisations, and local authority partners in Worcestershire and Shropshire, work together to develop funding bids which meet the learning needs of Herefordshire's adults. Our successful bids have led to projects helping people into employment.

To find out more about our work and available courses, email alewis5@herefordshire.gov.uk  or call 01432 261824.

This project is part-financed by the European Union and the Skills Funding Agency.


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