Grass cutting schedules

You can find information on grass cutting in our grass cutting schedules. These are grouped by area:

Six amenity grass cuts are scheduled for this season between 1 April and 30 September 2018. Our contractors will endeavour to cut the grass where highlighted yellow but this may change due to weather conditions or machinery breakdown.

Community spaces

To help improve your local open space or play area, please contact your parish council or local councillor who will know about any existing groups who maintain local areas. In some areas there may be a Lengthsman Scheme in place (an individual employed by a parish to do minor maintenance works in the parish) who might cut verges and other roadsides, if requested by the parish. Our locality stewards will also be working with local parishes to encourage the community to help maintain their area. If there is not already a community group in your area, you might consider setting one up.

Cutting the grass by your house

You can cut the grass near your house, but for your own safety, we suggest you only do this in residential areas where traffic volumes and speeds are low. We recommend that you carry out a thorough inspection before you start, removing any glass, litter and branches, ensure your equipment is in good working order and wear appropriate protective clothing. We advise you to cut the grass without collecting it in your mower box. If you do need to cut and collect the grass, please stockpile cuttings neatly in an appropriate area, away from footpaths. We can only collect grass cuttings if you have purchased Herefordshire Council green sacks.

If you have any queries about grass cutting please complete our contact us form or call 01432 261800.