Prepare for a flood

Flooding can happen quickly and unexpectedly. There are things you can do limit its impact on your property:

Personal flood plan

  • If you live in a flood risk area, do what you can now to prepare for a flood. Don’t wait until it happens as you may not have time. The Environment Agency have created a personal flood plan which you can download, print and fill in.
  • The personal flood plan includes a list of things you should do (like moving sentimental items to safety), and provides space for you to note down important contact details such as your utility companies and insurance.
  • You may also want to think about developing a community resilience plan

Sandbags or flood barriers

  • Get sandbags or flood barriers in advance if you think your property may be at risk from flooding. The Environment Agency publishes a guide on how best to use them.
  • We do not provide sandbags for individual domestic use. We may provide sandbags for strategic deployment during flooding – for the protection of essential services such as electricity or water supplies.  When used correctly sandbags can provide some protection from flood waters. If you wish to keep a stock of sandbags, your local builders merchants should be able to help you. Your parish council may also have a supply of sandbags. Note that sandbags are only effective for water up to about 20cm / 8" deep.

Flood risk in your area

You can get more advice from the National Flood Forum and the Environment Agency on how to protect yourself and your property if a flood happens. There is also this useful step-by-step guide written by researchers at the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.