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Cemetery memorials

If you are burying someone, you are able to install a headstone or memorial to mark the grave in our cemetery. You (or your funeral director) will need to purchase an Exclusive Right of Burial. This gives the owner an exclusive right to the grave space for the agreed period. During the time of the contract the grave may not be opened and no one buried there without the permission of the owner. Once you have obtained your Exclusive Right of Burial you can contact your preferred memorial mason. Any memorial mason completing memorials for council cemeteries must belong to our memorial masons' registration scheme before any work can take place and your memorial mason will then submit the necessary paperwork on your behalf. If you cannot afford a memorial the grave will be marked with the grave number. If you need help finding a grave, please contact us.

Before you can erect a headstone or memorial you (or your memorial mason) will need to:

  • Submit an application form requesting the proposed erection of the memorial
  • Comply with the cemetery regulations - The regulations protect the cemeteries and help maintain a respectful environment, if you do not comply with these your memorial may be removed

If you are scattering ashes, you can purchase or install a memorial in our crematorium memorial gardens.

Find out more in the cremations, burials and memorials fees and forms section