Due to various circumstances including personal family reasons or mass exhumations for town developments, it may be necessary to remove the remains of an individual from a grave.

To exhume human remains, one of the two following permissions will apply depending on where the remains are buried:

  • Exhumations from land which is subject to the Church of England’s jurisdiction will need the Church’s authorisation only (a faculty or the approval of a proposal under the Care of Cathedrals Measure 2011). This includes consecrated ground in cemeteries. Please contact the crematorium office for the address of a diocese
  • Exhumations from land which is not subject to the Church of England’s jurisdiction will need a licence from the Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice (MoJ) only - Apply for a licence on GOV.UK
Moving remains from To Authority required
Consecrated ground A different grave plot that is also consecrated Faculty
Consecrated ground Re-inter in exactly the same consecrated grave plot Faculty
Consecrated ground Unconsecrated ground Faculty
Unconsecrated ground Unconsecrated or consecrated ground MoJ Licence

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