This wills index comprises over 45,000 entries taken from the Hereford Diocese Probate Act Books 1700-1858 and Hereford Deanery Probate Act Books 1660-1858. These books contain a summary record of each grant, including: the names of the testator and executor (s), the parish they were from, the value of each estate and the date of the probate grant. In some cases, all of the original documents have been lost and the Act Book holds the only surviving record of a will.

Historically Hereford Diocese included most of the modern county of Herefordshire, southern Shropshire and some bordering parishes in Powys, Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Visit the Diocese of Hereford website for coverage of the Diocese of Hereford and Deanery of Hereford.

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Type Date of Probate Surname Forename Parish Executor(s) Name(s) Value Jurisdiction
W 11/07/1856 King James Colwall Henry King, Stephen Ballard <4,000.00.00
W 07/04/1856 Shuter John Colwall William Heyde <05.00.00
W 14/07/1855 Dobbs Thomas Colwall Joseph Preston, Edward Wetherstone <300.00.00
W 03/06/1854 Mason James Colwall William Urry <40.00.00
W 02/02/1852 Allen Henry Colwall Sarah Allen <20.00.00
A 29/01/1852 Allen Samuel Colwall Kitty Willoughby (Sister) <20.00.00
A 29/01/1852 Allen George Colwall Kitty Willoughby (Sister) <20.00.00
W 23/10/1851 Bray Hester Colwall Henry Pitt <20.00.00
W 19/09/1851 Willis Anne Colwall Joseph Willis <100.00.00
W 01/10/1849 Daffey John Colwall Hester Daffy <40.00.00
W 24/03/1846 Hide Thomas Colwall Reynolds Peyton <20.00.00
A + W 10/03/1846 Harford John Colwall Ann Harford (daughter), Elizabeth Harford <200.00.00
A 30/10/1845 King Richard Colwall William Patrick Woodyatt, Philip Stedman Sparksman <20.00.00
W 09/04/1845 Barnett Alice Colwall Timothy Spencer <200.00.00
A + W 16/01/1845 Hawkins Thomas Colwall Mary Mason (daughter), Thomas Jenkins <1,500.00.00
W 20/07/1843 Allen Thomas Colwall Sarah Allen <200.00.00
W 10/06/1843 Roadway James Colwall Joseph Barnett, Benjamin Muttlow <20.00.00
A 12/04/1843 Jones Francis Colwall Elizabeth Jones <50.00.00
W 17/03/1843 Perkins Joseph Colwall Mary Ann King <200.00.00
W 14/07/1841 White Thomas Colwall Elizabeth White, Edward Bowen <1,000.00.00
W 18/01/1841 King William Colwall William King, Henry King <1,000.00.00
W 24/11/1838 Tombs Thomas Colwall James Disson Tombs <100.00.00
A + W 01/07/1836 Gardner John Colwall Frederick Collins <1,500.00.00
W 04/08/1835 Bray John Colwall Hester Bray (widow) <100.00.00
A + W 19/03/1835 Gardner John Colwall Fredereick Collins <1,000.00.00