You can get involved with your local library through volunteering, friends' groups, or even by helping to set up a community library in your local shop or parish hall.

We currently have the following groups.

Joint Action for Herefordshire Libraries

JAHL (Joint Action for Herefordshire Libraries) is an independent action group. Members are drawn from all the county library friends and users' organisations, and we aim to represent the needs of all library users across the county.

We will work with Herefordshire Council to develop strategies to sustain and improve library facilities and services, and with the public to explore what residents want from their libraries.

To get involved email Clare West at jahl@deangate.co.uk or phone 01989 566310.

Friends' groups

Our service works with you to develop and improve your library. We do this through consultation on new developments and are now setting up friends groups for each library.

If you are interested in setting up a friends group for your local library please contact Jon Chedgzoy, Principal Libraries Officer on 01432 260557 or by email jchedgzoy@herefordshire.gov.uk

Friends of The Master's House, Ledbury

The Friends of The Master's House are an active group of volunteers who have been involved with the building since the project was first announced in 2007. Since the opening of the building in March 2015, the group continue to support the heritage, cultural and community events and activities held at The Master's House.

The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Herefordshire Council £1.7 million to complete the restoration and it now houses Ledbury Library, Customer Services, Registrar, The John Masefield Society Archive, Victoria County History, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Age UK, as well as community meeting spaces and office accommodation for statutory and voluntary organisations.

The Friends support a wider volunteer base who are called upon to assist with community events where a variety of roles are required from serving tea and coffee to taking tickets on the door. There are also opportunities to get involved in research projects and to gain valuable skills through training in archive, family ancestry and oral history. 

For more information, or to get involved, please visit please visit The Master's House page or email Rachel Lambert at rachel.lambert@herefordshire.gov.uk, the Heritage and Volunteer Coordinator, or Robert Waddington, Chair of Friends of The Master's House at robertwaddington@hotmail.co.uk

Ledbury Library Development Group

Ledbury Library Development Group is a voluntary group which aims to support the Library in developing as a hub of community, cultural and educational activities. The group holds a range of events, where possible in partnership with other groups and societies within Ledbury, to raise money to provide additional resources for the library. To find out more, visit Ledbury Live - the library development group or email ledburylibraryfriends@gmail.com

Friends of Leominster Library

The Friends of Leominster Library promote the work of the Leominster library and encourage greater use of its services. We aim to support the library as the hub of cultural activities. We also provide additional resources for the library.

To find out more, visit the Friends of Leominster Library website.

Ross Library Development Group (RLDG)

Ross Library Development Group (RLDG) is a community group of library supporters who aim to improve facilities in the Ross Library. We know that this beautiful building and the services provided there make the library a vital social, cultural and educational centre for the people of Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding area.

We run events in the library to raise funds for improvements. We are also working behind the scenes to find ways to make the library available to the community for a wider variety of activities both inside and outside current library opening hours. In addition, we campaign vigorously for the continuance of the local service when it is threatened by budget cuts.

To find out more contact Jan Falkiner on 01989 720539 or email Clare West on rldg@deangate.co.uk or visit:

Friends of Leintwardine Community Library (FOLCL)

Leintwardine Library now has an official "Friends" society. Membership fees are very low and money raised will help towards making improvements to your local library and providing new and different services. Members of FOLCL have a chance to have a say on how the society works and how it shapes the library's services in future.

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