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Severe weather conditions - Flooding

Herefordshire is experiencing significant and widespread flooding. Please avoid any unnecessary travel and do not enter flood water.

Performance management

Budget reductions are having a significant impact on our services, but we remain committed to supporting the people of Herefordshire, protecting the most vulnerable and continuing to grow our economy and create jobs.

We have developed a performance management framework to track performance towards our agreed objectives. The framework allows us to report detailed information to those people in the council making decisions about where and how to spend public money. It aligns resources, people and finance across agencies to meet residents' needs.

The Management Board and Cabinet are responsible for managing performance.

These two groups receive regular updates on the performance of the council, including:

  • Information about spending against our budget
  • Progress on our key improvement programmes
  • Progress in achieving our Corporate Plan
  • Information about how well we are dealing with corporate risks

The council's performance is monitored through a series of external assessments by organisations such as OFSTED and the Care Quality Commission. For more information on our external assessments, please visit the OFSTED and Care Quality Commission websites.

We regularly review the performance of the council as one part of our wider performance, risk and opportunity management framework. The framework provides the basis for the council to plan, monitor, and manage our performance to ensure we deliver the best service we can. It supports members and officers across the council to take responsibility for their own performance and to lead the delivery of improved outcomes for residents.

If you identify a risk that you feel should be on the corporate risk register, but isn't, please email performance@herefordshire.gov.uk so that the risk can be considered.

View our annual performance report 2017/18

View a list of our quarterly directorate performance reports and updated risk register: