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Showing planning applications 1 to 10 of 463 for parish Lower Bullingham.View results as an RSS feed
Showing planning applications 1 to 10 of 463 for parish Lower Bullingham.View results as an RSS feed
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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P191265/XA2 Rotherwas Service Station Holme Lacy Road Hereford Herefordshire HR2 6BQ Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 4 6 7 8 9 & 10 on planning permission 181489 PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Valid (Undecided) n/a
P191054/FH 23 The Dales Lower Bullingham Hereford Herefordshire HR2 6DS Proposed single storey extension to rear/side of property Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Tuesday 30 April 2019
P191104/FH Three Gables Ridgehill Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8AG Relocate two existing dormers on the front elevation approximately 1.7m higher up the roof and add one window in each dormer. To add a rear double dormer across both planes of the roof incorporating two windows one each plane. Retrospective. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Wednesday 22 May 2019
P190713/F Lyndhurst Twyford Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8AD Replacement of existing conservatory with 2 storey extension. Replacement of former cart-shed. Erection of new stable. Change of useto Bed & Breakfast. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Thursday 25 April 2019
P190599/F Ridgehill WPS Hereford HR2 8AD Installation of 712 no 242.08kW GM ground-mounted solar array Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Friday 12 April 2019
P190350/A Unit 15 Thorn Business Park Rotherwas Hereford Herefordshire HR2 6JT Company branded internally illuminated signs. Advertisement Consent Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Friday 8 March 2019
P184228/FH The Orchard Ridgehill Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8AG Proposed conversion of existing pig shed and pole barn to create self contained accommodation for annexed use by the household. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Friday 15 February 2019
P184484/F Yew Tree Cottage Ridge Hill Hereford Revised scheme for approved replacement dwelling (Part retrospective) Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Friday 15 February 2019
P184050/PEZ Shell Store North Magazine Hereford Enterprise Zone Rotherwas Hereford HR2 Proposed Innovation/Incubation Centre and Development and Access Centre comprising business offices, premises for research and development of product processes to include car parking, landscaping and sustainable drainage. Hereford Enterprise Zone Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Friday 12 April 2019
P183059/FH South Bank House Ridgehill Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8AF Demolish existing conservatory. Proposed single storey extensions, onewith terrace over. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 29 November 2018

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