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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P203238/FH Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, The Willows Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5UP Proposed single-storey rear extension Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Friday 30 October 2020
P203113/XA2 Stanford Bishop, Bishops Frome & Cradley, Land at Malvern View Country Estate Woodend Lane Stanford Bishop Worcester Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 4, 5 (part), 9, 10 & 14 attached to planning permission 172345 PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Valid (Undecided) n/a
P203008/FH Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Woolner House Stonehouse Lane Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TF Proposed 10m x 5.5m free standing brick built structure with a lightweight single pitch roof. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Tuesday 20 October 2020
P202757/L Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, The Old Post Office Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TA Proposed upgrade of attached store room. Amendment to approved scheme (P181542/L) with changes to the fenestration. Listed Building Consent Valid (Undecided) Thursday 8 October 2020
P202692/XA2 Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Clater Park Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TP Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 6 & 8 attached to planning permission 193787. PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Determination Made (Approved) n/a
P202672/F Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Yearsett Court Farm Whitbourne Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5RQ Variation of a condition 2 following grant of planning permission. DCNC2005/0630/F (conversion of barn to farm workers accommodation) The farm business now needs fewer bedrooms in the building. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Friday 9 October 2020
P201568/F Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Land at Burley Farm Stonehouse Lane Bringsty WR6 5TF Proposed one mobile home for residential purposes (replacing two mobile homes used for holiday accommodation). Planning Permission Determination Made (Refused) Friday 10 July 2020
P201504/PA7 Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Land West of The Nuttage Farm WR6 5UP Application for prior notification of a proposed agricultural building. All others - Prior Approval Determination Made (Planning Permission Required) Sunday 14 June 2020
P201155/F Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Burley Farm Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TF Proposed removal conditions 3 and 4 of planning permission (1995WH95 -1320-F) to remove the occupancy condition for the two static caravansso that they can be used for residential purposes for the applicant and his family. Planning Permission Determination Made (Withdrawn) Tuesday 19 May 2020
P200781/FH Linton (Bringsty), Bromyard Bringsty, Little Burley Farm Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TG Proposed first floor balcony to rear. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 11 June 2020