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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P220075/FH Colwall, Hope End, Mole End Evendine Lane Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6DY Converting loft into living space, new porch, removing chimney and tiling over, altering the living room window and kitchen/dining room windows and door, rendering the front elevation and part of the rear elevation, and internal alterations. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Thursday 10 February 2022
P220070/F Colwall, Hope End, Telephone Exchange off Walwyn Road Colwall Green Malvern Proposed siting of a shipping container storage unit to the side of the Telephone Exchange to house materials and plant associated with the local Telecommunications network build. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Thursday 10 February 2022
P214704/FH Colwall, Hope End, 7 Crescent Road Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6QW Proposed removal of conservatory and construction of two storey extension to side. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Thursday 17 February 2022
P214552/K Colwall, Hope End, Drummuir Brockhill Road Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6EX Ornamental Cherry in the back garden has outgrown it's space - remove.Small subdominant apple tree is growing to close to a much better specimen- remove to allow the other to flourish. Works to Trees in a Conservation Area Valid (Undecided) Monday 10 January 2022
P214510/F Colwall, Hope End, Land adjacent to Ashleigh Walwyn Road Colwall Worcestershire WR13 6QW Variation of a condition 2 210895/F (Proposed new residential dwelling.) changed to reflect client requirements. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Thursday 3 February 2022
P214361/J Colwall, Hope End, 2 Old Church Road Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6ET Proposal to a very tall Lebanon Cedar - It is very close to our house and branches are beginning to fall damaging boundary and roof. The tree should be felled and that it is now a health and safety risk. Works to trees covered by TPO Valid (Undecided) Thursday 30 December 2021
P214293/FH Colwall, Hope End, Eastleigh Albert Road Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6QS Proposed formation of habitable room in roofspace with front and rear velux rooflights. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 12 January 2022
P214242/FH Colwall, Hope End, 1 Downsland Cottage Brockhill Road Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6EX Proposed single storey infill extension to side. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Tuesday 4 January 2022
P213887/F Colwall, Hope End, Silver Street Motors Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6QJ Proposed installation of a temporary building to provide dedicated space for Colwall Youth Project. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Tuesday 4 January 2022
P213948/J Colwall, Hope End, Little Wyche Fossil Bank Upper Colwall Malvern Herefordshire WR13 6PL 1: Rectification of previous poor tree surgery. Prune back stub ends to suitable growth points. As it has been reduced and stub ends are dying creating an increasingly dangerous situation of dead wood falling. 2: Removal of dead wood. There is other dead wood in the canopy. 3: Remove ivy. As Ivy has taken over most of the main stem. Works to trees covered by TPO Determination Made (Trees covered by TPO – Consent Granted) Tuesday 7 December 2021