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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P203821/FH Burghill, Queenswood, 4 Pyefinch Meadow Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7SS Proposed amendment to the pitch of the garage roof, to match that of the house. and to convert the increase in loft space to a home office/craft room. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Thursday 17 December 2020
P203473/F Burghill, Queenswood, Wetland Plants Tillington Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8LH Proposed extension to ex packing/potting shed. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Thursday 10 December 2020
P203591/F Burghill, Queenswood, Land adjacent to Bredstone House Burghill Hereford Proposed removal of condition 15 of planning permission 194343 (Proposed erection of 10 no. dwellings and associated works) it is considered that the removal of permitted development rights is unreasonable. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Thursday 26 November 2020
P203250/FH Burghill, Queenswood, Burlton Villa Roman Road Hereford Herefordshire HR4 9QN Demolition of existing extension and outbuildings, replacement with a single storey extension. Full Householder Valid (Undecided) Monday 23 November 2020
P202881/F Burghill, Queenswood, Wellington Lane Cottage Canon Pyon Hereford Herefordshire HR4 8NL Proposed first floor extension to the rear. Conversion of existing garage to family room. New front porch and dormers to the front of theproperty as well as new access, driveway and new garage. Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Tuesday 27 October 2020
P202975/FH Burghill, Queenswood, Taupo Cottage Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7RW Proposed single-storey rear extension and porch to the side. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Monday 2 November 2020
P202966/XA2 Burghill, Queenswood - prior 2019, Land at Burleton Wood Tillington Hereford Application for approval of details reserved by condition 2 attached to planning permission 182936 PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Determination Made (Approved) n/a
P202878/XA2 Burghill, Queenswood, Land between Tillington Road and Roman Road Herefordshire Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 6 9 10 1314 15 16 & 18 attached to Outline planning permission 160048. PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Valid (Undecided) n/a
P202516/FH Burghill, Queenswood, 4 Hospital Houses Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7RD Proposed 2 storey extension. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Monday 28 September 2020
P202640/FH Burghill, Queenswood, Penberry Cottage Burghill Hereford Herefordshire HR4 7RE Application to raise the roof of existing side extension and addition of a small window dormer to the rear to resolve internal head height issues. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 30 September 2020