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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P233382/FH Aylton, Three Crosses, The Coach House Newbridge Farm Aylton Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2QG Proposed two storey extension with covered walkway to existing annexe Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 11 January 2024
P232653/F Little Marcle, Three Crosses, Land Off Roman Road Newbridge Ayton Ledbury Application for variation of a condition 2 of planning permission 184486 (Proposed 6 holiday lodges with new access) to allow holiday cabin amended designs. Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 11 October 2023
P232558/PA7 Aylton, Three Crosses, Land off The Glebe Road Aylton Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2RQ Prior notification for proposed general purpose agricultural storage building. All others - Prior Approval Determination Made (Prior Approval Not Required) n/a
P232271/F Aylton, Three Crosses, Glebe Farm The Glebe Road Aylton Herefordshire HR8 2RQ Proposed change of use of redundant agricultural building to a single dwellinghouse and erection of extension Planning Permission Determination Made (Withdrawn) Monday 11 September 2023
P231019/K Aylton, Three Crosses, Church Aylton Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2RQ T1 - Multi-stemmed Willow, carefully fell in sections to as near ground level as possible. Reason - outgrown situation, risk of collapse. T2 - Two Yew trees situated adjacent to Church, lightly trimcanopies to allow 2 metres clearance to building. Lightly raise crowns to approximately 2 metres above ground level to allow access. Reason - allow clearance to building and improve access. Works to Trees in a Conservation Area Determination Made (Trees in Cons Area Works Can Proceed) Monday 24 April 2023
P222294/F Aylton, Three Crosses, Oasis Lodges Aylton Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2QG The erection of 2no. lodges (one for holiday accommodation, the other for managerial accommodation), 2 no. caravans for holiday use, a workshop for storage of maintenance equipment and change of use of existing building to a reception area at Oasis Lodges (part retrospective) Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Friday 30 September 2022
P222241/FH Aylton, Three Crosses, Brick On Edge Putley Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2RQ Proposed single storey extension to side. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Friday 12 August 2022
P220954/U Aylton, Three Crosses, Glebe Farm Aylton Herefordshire HR8 2RQ Use of a building as an independent dwellinghouse. Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) Determination Made (Approved) n/a
P214391/FH Aylton, Three Crosses, The Smithy Aylton Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 2QE Two storey extension perpendicular to current home, access to the property to be relocated to extension. Full Householder Determination Made (Refused) Thursday 10 February 2022
P214489/F Aylton, Three Crosses, Land south of Chadney Bungalow Aylton Herefordshire Outline planning permission for 2 no. new 4 bedroom two-storey detached houses, with associated access and parking. Planning Permission Determination Made (Refused) Wednesday 2 February 2022