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Keep Herefordshire Warm

Yes Energy Solutions and Herefordshire Council logos - Keep Herefordshire WarmThe more energy efficient our homes are, the less they cost to heat and keep warm.

There are lots of simple ways to save energy in your home and many will cost you nothing at all. This will both reduce your bills and help to protect the environment.

Our advice service Keep Herefordshire Warm have top tips on insulation, heating, hot water, lighting and how to use your electrical appliances most efficiently.

Keep Herefordshire Warm is a local project that offers free energy advice to residents in the county. They also administer energy efficiency grants on behalf of the council, which can be used to make a range of home energy improvements.

Call Keep Herefordshire Warm free on 0800 677 1432 to speak to one of their friendly and professional advisors.

Are you struggling with your energy bills?

Keep Herefordshire Warm works across the county to make sure that no one has to struggle with their energy bills alone. If you're struggling with your bills, you don't have to suffer alone.

Call Keep Herefordshire Warm on 0800 677 1432 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or contact them at khw.advicecentre@yesenergysolutions.co.uk

To understand what help is available we suggest contacting Keep Herefordshire Warm and also see the government's help with your energy bills page.

For tips on staying warm and well, visit our stay well, stay warm page.

Improving your home's energy efficiency

There are currently two schemes available to help improve the energy efficiency of your home:

  • The Home Upgrade Grant is for Herefordshire residents who don't have mains gas heating, have a household income under £36,000 and have an Energy Performance Certificate of D, E, F or G
  • The Home Energy Savers initiative helps Herefordshire residents identify home energy improvements and offers funding support for approved projects
  • The Connected for Warmth insulation scheme is free for all residents in Council Tax Bands A to D, in owner-occupied or privately rented housing

Visit our Winter health, warmth and safety pages for more ideas for improving energy efficiency and keeping warm.

How to check the energy efficiency of your home

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) indicate the energy efficiency of your home. You can search the EPC national register to find your property. They are valid for 10 years and are required if you are selling or buying a home.

If you live in Hereford or one of the market towns, you can check how well insulated your property is on our building heat loss map.

Our Statement of Intent - ECO4 Energy Company obligation

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain that helps tackle carbon emissions and fuel poverty. To find out if you are eligible for this please contact Keep Herefordshire Warm on 0800 677 1432 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or contact them at khw.advicecentre@yesenergysolutions.co.uk

Read our Statement of Intent - ECO4 Energy Company Obligation. This sets out our flexible eligibility criteria for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) and Great British Insulation schemes which run until March 2026.

Contact us about home energy related matters at energy@herefordshire.gov.uk

Our affordable warmth strategy and reports

We publish our progress in meeting the action plan outlined in our affordable warmth strategy, every two years, as required by the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA).

A further update is planned in 2023.

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