Depositing documents

We accept records for safe storage, care and preservation, and to make them accessible to the public under controlled conditions. Our collections and acquisitions policy sets out the type of material we collect and the geographical area of collection.

We can receive records as a statutory deposit, gift, purchase, bequest, or long-term loan. When we purchase records or receive them as the result of a gift or bequest they become the property of Herefordshire Council and we encourage donors to include in the gift any copyright which they may hold in the records. Records on long-term loan remain under the ownership of the depositor who should alert the Record Office to any change of address and ensure that the Record Office is notified of any change of ownership.

We can accept records in paper or digital form, but if you are thinking of giving us records in digital form, please read the guidance about accepted file formats and naming first.

Our terms of deposit and deposit form sets out how we will store and catalogue records, what access the public will have and sets out the copyright and reproduction provisions.

If you are depositing records on behalf of a parish council, please read our guide to keeping parish council records first.

Owing to staffing constraints and a large number of recent deposits, we are not currently accepting new deposits. If possible, please contact us after Easter 2020, when we hope normal service will be resumed. If, for whatever reason, the deposit is urgent, then please contact us on 01432 260750 or

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