Talk Community Directory and MECC

There's a wealth of information, advice and support available in Herefordshire.

Talk Community Directory

The Talk Community Directory is Herefordshire's free online wellbeing information and signposting service and covers a vast range of areas, including keeping yourself well, healthy lifestyles, disabilities, money and budgeting, housing and looking after someone. There's also a comprehensive mental health and emotional wellbeing section with top tips for five winning ways to wellbeing.

It also provides details on hundreds of local services, groups, activities and events across the county with something for everyone, from archery, arts and crafts, chess and dancing to llama trekking, poetry, walking and yoga.

Find out how the Talk Community Directory can help you and your family today.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC)

MECC is a behavioural change programme, which encourages people to use the day-to-day interactions they have with others to help promote positive behaviour change. The programme gives people the confidence to engage with those who may be looking to make a lifestyle change, such as stopping smoking, drinking less, eating more healthily or being more physically active.

If you'd like to make a difference, then complete the free MECC e-learning course to ensure you're Making Every Contact Count.


For more information and support for you and your family, visit Change4Life and One You.