Health and wellbeing in Herefordshire

As of 2017, Herefordshire had a population of 191,000 spread across 842 square miles. 17 percent (31,800) of the population are under 16, while 24 percent (45,800) are aged 65 or over.

Overall, Herefordshire's residents are in good health. They live longer than those in other parts of the country and without long term illness and have positive experiences of the things that affect their everyday lives and wellbeing.

The most common causes of death in Herefordshire are from circulatory (35 percent) and respiratory (12 percent) diseases and cancers (29 percent). In addition, approximately 350 deaths a year are from preventable causes, such as smoking, poor diet, low levels of physical activity and excessive drinking.

For more local figures, take a look at the health and wellbeing strategy (pages 8 to 11).

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