Parish/parish ward elections Thursday 24 June 2021

Find the location of your polling station

Please select the links above to view information on each election and any relevant documentation. These pages will continue to be updated as we move through the election period.


Request a nomination paper

Get an informal check on your nomination paper before you submit it officially

Send your nomination paper via email to Be aware there is personal data on the nomination paper so it needs to be password protected. Do not send the password via email. We will ring you for the password.

What to include in your nomination email for the informal check

If you are not standing as a party candidate then you only need to provide us with one nomination paper, the home address form and the consent to nomination (four pages).

If you are standing for a party then you will need to provide the emblem form and political party form as well for the informal check.

Electoral Register and absent vote lists

If you want to request the register and absent vote lists then there are forms for those as well that you will need to submit, but this can be when you actually submit your nomination paper by hand, not when doing an informal check.

The next step after the informal check

Once we have done the informal checks, we will contact you to inform you if the pack is all okay, or, if there are any amendments needed. We will provide you with a checklist with any errors, and you can then re-submit the nomination pack again for another informal check.

Make an appointment to officially submit your nomination

Appointments can only be made for an official working day (no weekends or bank holidays).

Once all is ok, then you can book an appointment with us between 10am and 4pm on the dates we can receive nomination papers - phone 01432 260107 or email us to do this.

The nomination paper must be hand-delivered to the Town Hall in St Owen Street, Hereford.

The following protocols are in place because of Covid-19:

  • If you are isolating, have had symptoms or any family member has had symptoms in the last 10 days you must NOT under any circumstances enter the building
  • One person only must attend your appointment
  • You must report to the back door of the building 5 minutes before your appointment. A member of staff (wearing a mask) will meet you here and take you to the location of your appointment
  • You must wear a mask/visor, unless exempt
  • You will be told to use hand sanitiser upon arrival and before you leave the building
  • You must bring your own stationery
  • There will be no use of toilet facilities in the building


A hustings is a meeting where election candidates or parties debate policies and answer questions from the audience. Hustings provide voters with an opportunity to hear the views of candidates or parties. Candidates are entitled to use council-owned premises to hold their hustings. View a full list of these buildings. Please note that not all buildings are currently open to the public. For further information see the hustings page on the Electoral Commissions website.