Natural Flood Management (NFM) construction grant scheme
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March 2027

Aim of scheme

The Herefordshire Natural Flood Management (NFM) Project aims to reduce flood risk to local communities, as well as improve water quality and enhance biodiversity, using natural flood management processes.

The NFM construction grant scheme has been designed to provide the necessary funding to help support landowners and farmers within the projects priority sub-catchments (shown in the map below and in the detailed catchment maps) to alter their land and water management practices to slow the flow of water and reduce flood risk to downstream communities.

Outputs and outcomes
  • Reduced flood risk to local communities
  • Improvement to water quality
  • Enhanced biodiversity

View case studies of some recent NFM projects.

Who can apply
  • Landowners, farmers, or consultants/tenant acting on behalf of landowner in one of the seven priority sub-catchments
  • Proposed NFM works must be within one of the seven priority sub-catchments
  • Proposed NFM measures must help reduce flood risk

View the application process at 7 in the Herefordshire Natural Flood Management construction grant scheme guide for more details of eligibility.

Map showing Herefordshire Natural Flood Management sub-catchments

Map showing NFM catchments

Catchment maps

What the grant or funding is for

Options for the following measures are eligible for funding:

  • Soil management
  • Over winter cover
  • In field water retention
  • In channel water retention
  • Fencing
  • Trackway
  • Tree planting
  • Landowner innovation


How much you can apply for

View Table 2.1 in the NFM construction grant guide for full details of which NFM measures can be funded through the scheme, and the fixed unit costs for each item, contribution rate offered and maximum grant rate.

The NFM grants are competitive - not all applicants will be offered a grant.

How to apply

Further details about the measures and the contribution and grant rates are in the grant scheme guide.

Download NFM construction grant application form

A new consenting flowchart is available which details the required procedures and possible approvals for NFM measures such as the requirement for planning permission and other statutory approvals. You can request a copy by emailing the Natural Flood Management Project Officer at

Further information

If you have any queries about the grant please contact the Natural Flood Management Project Officer on 01432 260739 or email