Material / item
Garden waste, compostable materials
Grass clippings, weeds, hedge trimmings, Christmas trees
How to recycle / dispose
Do not put in rubbish or recycling. Take to local tip for composting, or compost in your own garden if you have room.
Other options
Home composting, take to local tip for recycling into compost, purchase green bags for kerbside collection,
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Herefordshire Council green bags for garden waste

We can collect garden waste if it is placed in Herefordshire Council green sacks. These are collected at the same time as your black bin, or black bags, every fortnight and are used as fuel to create electricity. 

See Garden waste for information about composting, and where to buy green bags for collection of garden waste which goes to be used as fuel to create electricity.

In Herefordshire, if you take your garden waste to a household tip for recycling, it will be turned into compost. 

Check local services for green waste recycling collection.