Street trading consent

Street trading is the selling of goods in lay-bys, in streets in Hereford city, in the market town centres and rural areas, or on some privately owned external land to which the public have access without payment.

We regulate street trading to ensure consistency, making sure that all traders follow the same conditions.

The regulations still allow traders to bring variety, diversity and colour to their units and for the products they are selling to meet the needs of both local residents and tourists.

About this licence

If the street trading panel approves your application, we will notify you of the fee for the consent.

We calculate the fee on an individual basis. 

Application and guidance notes

Information and guidelines

Apply for consent

You need to provide the following with your street trading consent application:

  • The precise proposed trading location
  • A photograph of the exterior and interior of the trading unit or stall
  • The exterior and interior measurements of the trading unit or stall: height, width and length
  • The proposed days and times of trading

You also need to provide two passport photographs for proof of identification and a copy of a recent utility bill for proof of address.

Vacant pitches

Food business registration

Street trading protocol

Processing and timescales

Applications are assessed against various criteria, on their individual merits and may involve consultation with relevant officers from within the council who comprise the 'street trading panel'.

The panel consists of senior representatives from the council including legal services, highways, environmental health, trading standards, markets and fairs, and community regeneration.

We will also carry out a number of external consultations with those deemed to have a relevant interest in, or those who could be materially affected by an application.

On receipt of an application it usually takes between four and six weeks for us to process it and send out a final decision to you.

Validity and renewals

We renew street trading consents on an annual basis, at the end of March each year.

However, some consents are for shorter periods, for example those which operate on a seasonal basis.

Contact us to view the public register.
Contact us in the first instance.
Contact details
  • Telephone: 01432 260805
  • Email:
  • Address: Markets, Fairs and Street Trading, Unit 38, Three Elms Trading Estate, Hereford, HR4 9PU