Coronavirus (Covid-19) recovery plan

Herefordshire Council is investing in a £6 million economic and wellbeing recovery plan, funded by Government Covid-19 outbreak management funds, to support the county to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact globally, nationally and locally for society, the economy and the environment and in many areas, compounded existing challenges and inequalities. Measures taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19 have had a significant impact on the economy and on people's wellbeing, mental and physical health.

In Herefordshire, many of our key sectors have been hardest hit, such as tourism and leisure, food production and distribution. Young people have been adversely impacted through the disruption in education and the lack of apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

The economic and wellbeing recovery plan focuses on four priority areas:

  • Business viability and resilience - Business support such as grants and facilities will be made available, and there will be promotion of Herefordshire as a fantastic place to visit and shop, supporting the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors, as well as an attractive investment location
  • Safe and welcoming places - People will be encouraged to return to our towns and city with incentives such as discounts for activities, enhancements such as refurbished shop fronts and infrastructure for events, and to the wider county with investment in footpaths and public rights of way and public seating areas
  • Support employment - Advice and support for return to work, opportunities to re-skill and change career path, and find new job opportunities will be available in a one stop shop. A new Youth Employment Hub will offer additional support for young people who are not in education, employment or training
  • Support wellbeing - There will be opportunities for individuals, families and communities to improve physical and mental wellbeing, with free events, activities and online resources, and enhanced support to reduce alcohol consumption

Herefordshire Council Recovery Plan 2021

Projects launched so far