Ask a public question

If you live or work in Herefordshire you can ask a question at any of the following public meetings of the council:

  • Full Council
  • Cabinet
  • Audit and governance committee
  • Health and wellbeing board
  • Employment panel
  • All of our scrutiny committees

You may ask one question per meeting. To ask a question send it by email to or in writing to the monitoring officer, Herefordshire Council, County Offices, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE. Questions must be received no later than 5pm, three clear working days before the day of the meeting, for example by 5pm Friday for a meeting held on a Thursday. 

When you submit a question please make sure to include your full name and address. This will be used to verify that you live or work in Herefordshire. Please be aware that your name and a general location, for example the name of the town or village where you live or work, will be included with the list of published questions and answers.

Copies of accepted questions and answers will be published on the council's website before the start of the meeting, and will be made available to members of the public who attend the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person you may still submit a question and a written answer will be sent to you.

If you are present at the meeting the chairperson may, at their discretion, invite you to put one supplementary question to the councillor named in the notice. A supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or the reply given.

There are some restrictions on what questions can be asked. The monitoring officer is authorised to reject a question if:

  • It is longer than 140 words
  • It is in multiple parts
  • It is not about a matter for which the committee has a responsibility or about an item on the agenda
  • It is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
  • It is substantially the same as or similar to a question which has been put at a meeting of Council, a committee of council, or cabinet in the past six months
  • It requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information or relates to an identifiable individual
  • It is from a council employee and the question is connected to their employment or
  • It relates to a planning application or licensing application

Full details about asking questions at public meetings can be found in the constitution of the council - follow the link at the top right of this page. You can see questions and answers which we publish as part of the  minutes of the meeting. We also provide a summary of questions asked in the last 6 months