Evidence of identity

All documents must be original documents, not photocopies.

  • Birth, marriage or civil partnership certificate; or divorce, annulment, separation or ending of a civil partnership papers in your current name. If your name has changed because of marriage or civil partnership, provide your marriage or civil partnership certificate as well
  • Passport (current and valid) or Biometric Residence Permit
  • Medical card or television licence in your name
  • Gas, electricity, water or phone bill (but not a mobile phone bill), in your name, received within the last three months
  • Current full or provisional driving licence (photo card or paper)
  • Cheque card, credit card, debit card or cash card
  • Bank or building society statement (not older than four weeks) or passbook
  • Certificate of employment in HM Forces or Merchant Navy
  • B79 form for notice that you have been released from prison
  • Letter from a solicitor, social worker, probation officer, doctor or HM Revenue and Customs.
  • Letter from the Home Office about immigration status
  • Residence permit, Police Registration Certificate, Immigration and Nationality Directorate travel document, standard acknowledgement letter (SAL1 or 2) or Application Registration Card (ARC)
  • Home detention curfew licence

These are examples, not a full list. We need one document for you and one for your partner (if you have one). You can also use any of the documents in the evidence of National Insurance guidance from government to confirm your identity, as long as it is a different document from the one you use to confirm your National Insurance number.