Archaeology advice for developers

We provide development advice about the conservation, care and management of the county's archaeology and historic landscapes. Please consult us at an early stage when planning any works to an historic environment, if you are:

  • Applying for planning permission
  • Engaged in new agricultural or forestry operations
  • Providing new services, such as water resources or energy supply


  • Advise on the impacts of intended works and how to minimise them
  • Prepare briefs for archaeological recording projects
  • Monitor the conduct of those projects
  • Provide advice on employing an accredited archaeological organisation to carry out the work

Archaeological projects

If you are required through the planning system to carry out an archaeological project for a development you are involved with you should contact our archaeological advisor to discuss the likely details and implications.

Projects might include early-stage archaeological evaluations and surveys, or programmes of archaeological work under planning condition.

You will usually need to employ and pay an appropriately expert accredited organisation to undertake the project on your behalf. We can provide guidance on how to do this.

Hereford City Area of Archaeological Importance (AAI)

We are also the administrator and investigating authority for the Hereford City Area of Archaeological Importance (AAI). For all below-ground works within this area you will need a notification and certificate.

Make a Historic Environment Record (HER) enquiry

For further information on archaeology or the HER, please visit the Herefordshire Through Time website.

If you wish to make an HER enquiry you need to submit both the enquiry form and data licence request form. Please read the guidance information below before completing the relevant form.

These can then be submitted to

Please note there is a charge for this service and details can be found on the Herefordshire Through Time submitting an HER enquiry page.

If your enquiry is planning related you will need to contact the archaeological advisor prior to submission:

Please note: we are not able to provide financial support for any archaeological fieldwork.