Getting your voice heard

We want you to be able to take an active part in making the decisions which will affect you as you move to independent living. There are lots of ways you will already be involved in planning for what you want to do and achieve.  

As you think about your aims for the next stage of your life you may feel ready to run your own LAC review, or to share experiences and help shape the way we provide services for other young people in care. You can take part in this way through Your Voice Matters

Downloading the Mind of My Own  app may offer you an easier way to get your feelings and opinions heard by your social worker or personal advisor between meetings. Or if you feel you need some independent support to raise an issue or make a complaint, Hear Me advocacy can help.

It's good too to know your rights and responsibilities. The Pledge, which was developed by looked after children, sets out what you can expect from the council as your corporate parent. There are continuing opportunities to raise things you think should be changed or improved for looked after children, through the Corporate parenting panel meetings. Your Voice Matters has a representative on the panel and allocated time to talk about any issues or concerns affecting looked-after children and care leavers.