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To complete this application for a Highways search, you will need to upload a clear map or plan highlighting the area of interest. There is a fee of £35. You will be taken to the secure online payment at the end of the form.


This plan is based on information that is currently available to the County of Herefordshire District Council. It is given on the strict understanding that neither the Council or any of its officers will be held responsible for the accuracy of this information or accept any liability whatsoever for any error or omission therein, or direct or consequential loss or damage arising from the interpretation or use of the information supplied.  With regard to scale, this plan may be subject to distortions in scale and any measurements scaled from this plan may not match measurements between the same points on the ground. Please also be aware that the Ordnance Survey mapping that forms the basis of this plan may be up to 2 metres out at this scale. The enquirer should rely on the results of their own investigations.

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