Comment on a planning application

Terms and guidance for planning application comments

Please read the guidance on letters of representation for planning before submitting your comments. This sets out how your personal data will be used and what will be made public when you submit a planning representation. It also gives more guidance on what you can comment on.

Any comments you have in respect of this application should be submitted online below (you can also comment in writing) by the comment date in the application details. Failure to meet the deadline may result in your comments not being taken into account.

All comments made in respect of this application must be of a planning nature and will be made available for other parties to see online under the Access to Information Act 1985. Objections and comments of a non-planning nature such as effect on trade, loss of view, legal rights to light, restrictive covenants and matters covered by other legislation cannot be taken into account when determining the application.

Comments will normally be available to view on the website within 24 hours of submission. Should the application be reported to the Planning Committee for consideration then any response received after the last date for comments will not generate a right to speak under the council’s Public Speaking Scheme.

The decision on the application will be recorded on the website

Herefordshire Council accepts no responsibility or liability for the comments received and reserves the right to withdraw comments not of a valid planning nature at any time.

In order to make a comment you must provide a valid address.

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