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1. Free service (personal search)

We will order all appropriate files and microfiche back to 1977 which may relate to your site and book an appointment for you to view these at Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre (HARC), Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6LA.

You may then look at the files and extract the information you require. Please be aware there could be numerous files and microfiche to study due to the historic nature of these records.

Please note there are planning applications from 2006 available on our website (although in some cases there may be limited information). Search planning applications.

2. Chargeable service

We will complete the search for you and provide you with a letter and copies of the decision notices relating to your site. This will confirm all the applications we have extracted from the files and microfiche for the search criteria you have requested (this search can go back to 1948 if required).

Please note: The fee charged is based on the costs actually incurred in connection with the act of supplying information in response to a specific request. That will include the costs of staff time spent searching for and producing the information.

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