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Schools that subscribe to the Schools Library Service can request 3 project sets of 20 books each per class per term. We recognise that some classes may want more projects than others, and that’s fine so long as the total number requested does not exceed the overall allocation for your school.

Schools that use the Pay-as-you-go service will be invoiced per project.

Usually our project sets contain 20 books. However, to support schools working within the current Covid-19 restrictions, where possible we will increase this to 30 books per project set by including duplicates of key titles.

Project titles are subject to availability and we recommend ordering high-demand topics as early as possible.

Please submit your requests four weeks before the end of term.


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Please tell us any additional information that may help us to select books for you e.g. aspects to be covered.

Projects are on loan for up to one term and delivered to the school at the start of term. Longer loans may be available by request.

Your project sets will be collected the last week of term, unless otherwise notified. Please have sets ready for collection at reception.