Walk to school

Children walking to school

Walking to school has lots of benefits. It's a great way to spend some time together away from toys and screens and gives you and your child a chance to talk. It also leaves children feeling refreshed and invigorated aiding their concentration once in the classroom. Walking to school reduces traffic congestion, which can mean cleaner air around the school and helps to build some exercise into your family's daily routine.

We know it's not always easy, especially when you are in a hurry to start your working day, it's raining or you have an unwilling walker so here are some walking hints and tips.

Our Herefordshire 'Walk to School' co-ordinators Stride Active have various resources for families on their website, such as bingo and a walk to school wall planner Walk to School - Stride Active.

Walking - road safety

Our Road Safety team are here to support you and your child if you are thinking about walking to school instead of catching the bus or driving. The team offers:

  • Year 1 and 2 - road safety lessons in the classroom
  • Year 3 - pedestrian training: class lesson followed by 1 or 2 practical walks around the local area from the school gates
  • Year 6 transition lesson - preparing pupils for move to high school and independent travel

If you and your school are interested in setting up a walking bus (crocodile) we can support you with route planning and equipment. Please contact roadsafety@herefordshire.gov.uk

Get Walking

If you are walking with your child to school, why not sign up to Get Walking. It's a free, easy to use app that allows you to:

  • Record your walking
  • Track your progress and achievements
  • Turn your everyday steps into progress along our inspiring virtual walking tours

There are also prizes to be won along the way! Visit Get Walking to sign up.

Suggested walking routes

Have a look at the suggested routes to some Hereford primary schools below or use the route maps to help you plan a walk which is away from traffic.

Our Hereford mini map shows both traffic free paths (blue) and suggested quiet routes (orange) in the city. It's a good idea to check the mini map and plan your route before setting off.

We also have cycle routes and mini maps for Leominster and Ledbury.

Below are some suggested walking and cycling routes to a few different primary schools in Hereford:

19 minute walk from Wordsworth Road along quiet roads. This route could also be cycled, with a couple of short sections through alleyways where you'll need to walk with your bikes.

14 minute walk from Whittern Way to Hampton Dene Primary using the crossing on Ledbury Road. Same route can be used to get to St Paul's Primary.

21 minute walk along the traffic free path through Belmont and crossing Belmont Road at the crossing. This route could also be cycled as majority of route is on traffic free or quiet roads.

18 minute walk from Aconbury Avenue (just off Hoarwithy Road) using the shared use path along Holme Lacy Road. 5 mins cycle ride.

30 minute walk along residential streets, onto the Great Western Way and then along the shared use path on Holmer Road. 10 mins cycle ride.

19 minute walk from Attwood Lane along the shared use paths on Roman Road and Holmer Road. 6 minute cycle using same route.

Street tagStreet Tag and Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire logos

Street Tag is a family-friendly smartphone app* game that records users' physical activity and encourages users to get active and explore their local area by collecting virtual tags located across Herefordshire.

Our healthy schools team have been getting schools to sign up and create school teams across the county.

If you are a parent/carer, relative, teacher, or school staff you can be part of the school team too!

You can then collect tags and points to help your school climb the leader board and be in with the chance to help win prizes for your school.

You can also place tags all over Herefordshire, such as parks, footpaths and bridleways, leisure centres and other public spaces including your normal route to school - turning Herefordshire into a giant virtual playground.

There’s no cost to download or to use Street Tag and it's a great way to get active, have fun and explore Herefordshire.

Look out for information from your school about how to get involved.

*Fobs are available for Herefordshire school students that don't have access to a smartphone

Prizes for you and your school

Herefordshire Schools Leaderboard

The Schools Leaderboard will run between the following dates:

  • Season 1 - 3 June to 26 July
  • Season 2 - 26 September to 18 November
Leaderboard prizes
  • £500 - 1st place school
  • £200 - 2nd place school
  • £100 - 3rd place school

The prizes will go to the school or PTFA to increase physical activity opportunities for school pupils. The top 20 Street Tag users will each receive a Love2shop £10 voucher.

Halo Prize Draw

Collect 150 tags every 2 weeks to be in with a chance of being one of the five lucky families to win a Halo pass. There are 50 family swim passes and 50 family cycling passes up for grabs. Plus, all users who qualify for the draw will win a one-off Halo 7 day adult pass.

Joining a school team

For parents/carers to join a school team:

  1. Install the FREE app Street Tag from the Play Store/App Store and sign up with your full name, username, email, and password
  2. Select the School Leaderboard and choose the Herefordshire schools leaderboard to look for your school team from the list
  3. Verify your email/phone number and complete the questionnaire to finish the registration process

To add your child to our school team:

  1. Create an email ID for your child
  2. A parent/carer can add a maximum of two children as players
  3. Click on the 'add a child' icon in the app's settings and fill in all the details to add a player
  4. Go to the app settings, select the profile option, and click on C1/C2 to activate your child's account
  5. When tagging with your children, remember to click/tap on C1/C2 to collect tags for them

Let's come together to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and help your school climb up the School's leaderboard.