Park and Share

Park and Share is a great way to cut travel costs and reduce congestion. Many people travelling in Herefordshire would love to car-share, but not everyone lives near to someone else doing a similar journey. Park and Share can solve that problem for many commuters. Instead of sharing from the start of a journey, commuters meet up at a pub, garden centre, hotel or shop in the scheme, leave one car there and continue on together.

The scheme is only possible due to the generous support of local businesses who have kindly allowed us to use some of their car parking spaces and we are very grateful to them for working in partnership with us.

How to apply for Park and Share

Applying for Park and Share takes three simple steps:

  1. Find a car share partner - ask around at work or college or register your journey on liftshare
  2. Choose your location - select the car park where you plan to meet your car-share partner
  3. Fill in the Park and Share application form - car-share partners make a joint application to use a single identified space, though one person will have to complete the form on behalf of both partners

If the information supplied is acceptable and a space is available, we will confirm your joint membership and your chosen location. You will receive confirmation by post together with your parking pass.

Membership is limited to one location and is not transferable. You must display a Park and Share pass in your vehicle when parking on site.

If you wish to Park and Share with two or more partners, or if you do not have an email address, please contact us on 01432 260514 or before completing a form.

Privacy notice - Park and share / park and cycle