Young people often need support with becoming independent. Especially those people who have lived in care or have been homeless. Supported lodgings provide a safe place for them to become confident and learn about living as an adult. If you have a real interest in helping young people then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch and give a young person the start in life they deserve.

What are supported lodgings?

Supported lodgings help young people learn the life skills that move them into being an adult, including:

  • Assisting with practical home skills
  • Confidence building, citizenship and interpersonal skills
  • Obtaining further education, apprenticeships or work experience
  • Hobbies and leisure activities
  • Advocating on behalf of a young person
  • Supporting a young person to manage their own health
  • Budgeting - in preparation for independent living

Just like fostering, we welcome applications from the whole community. Your sexuality, marital status or culture will not affect your application at all.

You could be a supported lodgings provider if:

  • You are over 21 (there is no upper age limit)
  • You have some experience of children and/or young people
  • You are single, married or living with a partner of either gender
  • You have a healthy lifestyle
  • You can still do it if you do or don't have children of your own, your life experiences and skills are important
  • You can continue to work at the same time
  • You need a spare room (you don't need to own your home)
  • You are willing to make a change to a young person and yourself

Inspiring young people and helping them become adults is a highly rewarding challenge. It's also one we would not expect you to do alone or for free.

We offer:

  • A reliable and competitive fee plus other benefits
  • An excellent programme of local workshops, training and fantastic career development
  • Your own social worker
  • Monthly local support groups
  • 24 hour support
  • Membership to the Fostering Network and a 'Buddy' scheme linking you to local experienced carers
  • And so much more

Supported lodgings case study from Jon Lewis

What is SLP and what is unique about the role?

Supported Lodgings (SLP) is a unique chance to open up your home, life and experience as an adult to a young person who is attempting to make the move from foster care to independence. You genuinely have a chance to help somebody move forward while providing them with a safe and secure home.

What do you enjoy about SLP?

The most enjoyable part of SLP is having a hand in the young person's achievements such as when you support them into getting their first job, pass their driving test or successfully hold down a place in further education. You get to live their achievements with them.

What is your greatest achievement with a young person?

Achievements are different with each young person depending on their own ability and the length of their stay. I hope I can say honestly that I have had at least a small achievement with each young person I have supported. This year the highlights have been two driving test successes and three placements in full time work.

What would you say to somebody who is thinking of offering SLP?

I would say go for it. There is no downside to trying SLP and it is hugely rewarding. Most of the skills you need you probably already have and with the support of the local authority and the training which is provided it can become a career in itself.

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