David Price Award 2020

David Price Award winner 2020 Phil Morris with his award












2020 Award winner Phil Morris of The Cart Shed.

The David Price Award recognises a person who has, in an unpaid capacity, helped change the lives of a Herefordshire adult or adults for the better.

David Price Award winner 2020

Phil Morris, who is a volunteer at The Cart Shed, was the very worthy recipient of this year's David Price Award for his outstanding commitment to care.

The Cart Shed is a charity based in North Herefordshire that offers opportunities to try something new and improve well-being; to find friendships, a sense of belonging and a place of calm, in a supportive caring environment. Phil uses his experience and skills to enable the most anxious and apprehensive participants to come in to the woodland and join the activities. Over the years Phil has helped hundreds of individuals who attend the weekly sessions find friendship and a future.

Phil was delighted to receive the award and said,
"On receiving news of the award I was quietly embarrassed at first and went on to say that the Cart Shed achieves what it does through some amazing team work. There are some very dedicated members of staff who are supported by a raft of equally dedicated volunteers, all of whom bring different skills and experience to the mix, plus there are the amazing participants themselves who all help massively with mutual support and skill sharing for each other. All of this is essential for The Cart Shed to flourish, grow and continue to 'Transform Lives'. It is a true privilege to be part of this team"

Katie Eastaugh, The Cart Shed's Chief Executive, said,
"The whole team have been thrilled by Phil's award. The comments received from colleagues, fellow volunteers and in particular our participants bear testament to his wonderful spirit and generosity. We have maintained a service for all our participants from the day lock down was announced, including weekly phone calls. Many of our volunteers became volunteer buddies, ensuring everyone was safe, had what they needed, and importantly someone on the end of the phone every week. Phil was of course a big part of this effort. The support has continued by creating woodland and horticulture courses that could be delivered to people's homes and taught via phone, email or through closed facebook groups"

Stephen Vickers, Herefordshire Council's Director for Adults and Communities, said,
"It's a real pleasure to see the David Price award this year presented to Phil Morris. Phil's humble response to receiving the award speaks volumes about his character. Phil is indeed part of a great team at the Cart Shed. It is right though that Phil's individual commitment over many years to that team effort be recognised with this award. I'd like to thank Phil on behalf of the council for the positive difference he has made to the lives of many". Councillor Pauline Crockett, Cabinet member for Health and Adult Wellbeing, was also pleased to hear this news and to be able to support such a worthy award that recognises an individual who has helped change the life of adults in Herefordshire."
Congratulations Phil!

Nominations for David Price Award

Typical candidates may be a friend, an unpaid carer, a neighbour, support worker, member of a group or organisation, family member, colleague or volunteer. Nominations should demonstrate, with examples, how the candidate has done one or more of the following:

  • Shown understanding, respect and dignity
  • Made a positive difference to the life of an adult or adults
  • Championed concerns and challenged on behalf of others
  • Given up their own time

The person nominated can be of any age and must have made a difference to an adult or adults in Herefordshire.

Background to the award

The award celebrates the life of David Price who was a pioneer of disability involvement across the community. Supported by his loving family and dedicated personal assistants, he was instrumental in changing the public's perception of disability. He championed the voice of local adult social care service users in Herefordshire and Worcestershire for many years.

David Price was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 at the age of 13. It's a hereditary condition which causes multiple benign tumours on the skin, brain, spine and internal organs. It affects different people in different ways: David had the neurofibromas on his skin and spinal cord so that in his twenties he was using a walking stick and then later in this thirties he became a wheelchair user.

In his early years, David was able to play the violin, learn to drive, paint the most wonderful pictures and walk the dog several miles. His illness robbed him of all these things and he often felt frustrated. But he remained positive and channelled his energy into those things which he knew could make a difference. Above all, David was known for his wicked sense of humour.

Among his achievements in his later years, he was chair of a small campaigning organisation "Group for Improved Living for the Disabled", where he inspired others to remain independent and in charge of their futures.