Every organisation providing health and social care services is expected to publicise its own complaints and feedback policy and actively use it. You can find the official complaints procedures for the organisations responsible for health and social care services in Herefordshire below:

If you need support to make a complaint about health or social care services Onside Advocacy can help. They provide a free and confidential service for people in Herefordshire to enable you to make your complaint.

Influence local services

Healthwatch Herefordshire is the consumer champion for health and social care services in Herefordshire. Every local council in England has their own Healthwatch. The national body, Healthwatch England gives advice and guidance to its local Healthwatch. It is a statutory committee within the Care Quality Commission, accountable to the Secretary of State from Health.

You can help influence the shape of health and social care services in the county by providing feedback, positive or negative to Healthwatch Herefordshire, about a service you are currently receiving in health or social care. You will also find more information and opportunities to comment on local services.

Please visit Healthwatch Herefordshire or you can email info@healthwatchherefordshire.co.uk or call 01432 277044.