About the Learning Disability Partnership Board


The Learning Disability Partnership Board for Herefordshire meets four times a year to discuss the work that is going on to help people with learning disabilities. It also provides a voice for those with disabilities to help design services.

Have your say on Changing where you live

This month's very short survey from the Learning Disability Partnership Board was about how you have a say in changing where you live. We asked for your views about where you would like to live in the next five years.

This survey has now closed and we publish a report on this page when we have collated the information.

Your feedback from the topics we have discussed so far

We talk about one topic at each meeting.  We also publish a report on the feedback from the survey on each topic, with your experiences and views.

The four topics for this year are:

See the full user feedback to LDPB surveys on these topics on this page. You can also read more in the Easy-read Learning Disability strategy.

Learning Disability Strategy

The Learning Disability Strategy 2018 to 2028 sets out the long term commissioning plans of Herefordshire Council and Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group with and on behalf of people with a learning disability and their family carers.

To keep progressing the strategy we have created an implementation plan that we continually update. View the latest update below:

Bill of Rights

A Bill of Rights is a list of important things that helps a person to live their life as they want to.

If you feel you are getting treated unfairly see your carer, support worker or someone you trust. The Bill of Rights might help you explain why you are not being treated fairly.


The Learning Disability Mortality Review Programme, known as LeDeR, is funded by NHS England.

It is trying to improve the care and medical treatment and to help reduce the deaths of people with a learning disability.

Download and read the LeDeR programme update including autistic people January 2022

The Easy Read Annual LeDeR report for Herefordshire and Worcestershire sets out the current situation within the two counties and how it can be improved.

Download and read the Easy read LeDeR Annual Report 2020.

The University of Bristol has produced its easy read LeDeR Annual Report for 2019 on the deaths of people with learning disabilities in England.

Download and read the University of Bristol's 2019 LeDeR report.

Herefordshire Learning Disability Board

Please contact Paul Choppen, Partnership Board Assistant for further information about the Board.

Telephone: 01432 261877

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