Request a care assessment

If you are over the age of 18 and in need of care or support you are entitled to ask for a free assessment of your needs by adult social care. This is called a care assessment.

This assessment is also available to young people under 18 who are already receiving care and support from children's services and who are likely to continue to require support and whose care arrangement will need to transfer to adult social care services when aged 18.

Why we complete a care assessment

The purpose of a care assessment is to establish the support and care needs you may have and to agree a support plan for how best these can be provided. This service is available to everyone and can provide you with a very useful planning document with outline costs for the various services you may require. We can also complete a financial assessment to confirm if you are likely to be eligible for financial help with paying for these services.

Even if you are not eligible for financial assistance, we can work with you to help you organise and secure the services you need, such as care or support in your own home.

What happens during an assessment?

A social care worker will contact you and carry out the assessment with you. They will talk to you and others about your needs and work with you to find out what services and support will best help you to live a more independent life. They will gather and weigh up information from relevant sources to fully understand your circumstances, your strengths and abilities, your support network if you have one, any alternative help available to you locally and how your circumstances impact on your wellbeing.

The social care worker will make sure that you are able to be involved in your assessment. If you wish, your carer, a family member or a friend can support you. If you do not feel confident or able to participate fully in the assessment and don't have anyone to support you, we will find someone to be your independent advocate. When your assessment is complete, the social care worker will measure your needs against the national eligibility criteria to identify what type of outcomes you are unable to achieve and whether the extent of your support needs are eligible for help from social care services. With your permission, we may need to share information about you with other agencies that become involved with your care such as your doctor or district nurse.

What happens after the assessment?

We will share with you a copy of the assessment. We will also give you a decision in writing regarding your eligibility and agree the next steps, which may include the preparation of your support plan. We aim to complete assessments within 28 days. In an emergency we aim to start the assessment and provide help within 24 hours.

How to request an assessment

To ask for a care assessment, contact the advice and referral team.

Adult social care contact details

The advice and referral team is your first point of contact for help and support in accessing adult social care and to arrange care and carer assessments and financial assessments.

Telephone: 01432 260101

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