Support for carers

Caring for someone you love can be upsetting and make you feel anxious and unsure about the future. For some it's sudden: someone you love is taken ill or has an accident, or your child is born with a disability. For others caring creeps up unnoticed - your parents can't manage on their own any longer or your partner's health gets gradually worse.

There is help available - there are organisations that can give you information and advice to support you in your caring role:

  • Crossroads Together offer practical support for unpaid carers who look after someone with a disability or life affecting illness. If you're new to caring or are an existing carer who needs some additional support, you can also access their free CarerLinks Herefordshire information and advice service
  • Herefordshire Carers - help to keep carers connected, organise trips and social events for carers.
  • Parent Carer Voice Herefordshire - offer an opportunity for families of children with disabilities or additional needs to come together, to share information and to provide support to each other, while helping create services which meet the needs of their families.
  • Talk Community Directory - Looking after someone section - The Talk Community Directory has information to support you in your caring role, together with a directory of activities, events and services where you live

Carers' assessments

A social worker or a health professional can help you to get a free carer's assessment which will identify your needs in supporting the person you care for. Or you can contact us and request an assessment yourself.

Financial support

You may be entitled to financial help, including a Carer's Allowance. You can find out about benefits for carers on the Carers UK website.