Living aids, equipment and telecare

There are lots of gadgets and aids on the market to help you live at home independently for longer. Medical and personal care aids improve day-to-day living, whilst kitchen and other gadgets can help with daily tasks. Tracking devices and detectors can help you stay in touch and stay safe from fire and flood. You can buy many of these on the high street or online.

Equipment and equipment return

We provide equipment and living aids to some children and adults to help them live safe, healthy and independent lives. NRS Healthcare delivers the Integrated Community Equipment Store service for Herefordshire Council.

Please return any equipment you no longer need:

We are currently short of the following items:-

  • Height adjustable shower chairs
  • Commodes
  • Perching stools
  • Toilet frames
  • Door frame ramp
  • Toilet frame
  • Bed rails

Return the item directly to the store: Unit 3a, Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6JT

Email NRS on to arrange collection

Call NRS on 0300 100 0045 to arrange collection

Sensory impairment service

We contract a sensory impairment service to help and advise people who have problems with their vision or their hearing. You can access this service by contacting the advice and referral team, email or call 01432 260101.

Ask Sara

The Disabled Living Foundation's Ask Sara website takes you through an assessment and recommends the type of equipment you could purchase to help with your needs.


Telecare is a lifeline alarm that triggers an alert if activated by a type of sensor. It's great for people with learning or physical disabilities or who have sensory impairment and live at home. It can also support people who are frail, have limited mobility or are at risk of falling. It gives you confidence and assures your carers that you can be safe.

Independent for longer website uses interactive case studies and personal stories to show how telecare services can make your home a much safer place. Explore the options room by room, and tailor to your personal circumstances.

If you are eligible for adult social care, the council will provide this service for you. Our advice and referral team will be able to advise you on whether you are eligible for an assessment:

  • Telephone: 01432 260101

Websites providing equipment

Contact us

For assessments

For advice on assistive technology

  • Telecare team
  • Telephone: 01432 261650

Adult social care contact details

The advice and referral team is your first point of contact for help and support in accessing adult social care and to arrange care and carer assessments and financial assessments.

Telephone: 01432 260101

Fax: 01432 261666

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