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  1. Report trade waste being left out for domestic collection

    Online form for reporting trade waste being left out for domestic collection

  2. Apply for a trade waste collection

    How to apply for a trade waste collection

  3. Business waste service terms and conditions

    Our business waste agreement sets out the type and size of bins we will provide at the named premises, when the collection will start and the collection day and frequency of collection for general rubbish and for recycling. In

  4. Report business waste being left out for domestic collection

    If you see someone putting business waste out for collection in black sacks or with their domestic waste, please complete our form .

  5. Cancel a business waste collection

    To cancel a business waste collection contract we need four weeks written notice. You can email us at We will then let you know your last collection day and when we will come to remove

  6. Missed business waste collection or damaged bin

    the following information: Business name Business address Location and number of bins What time the bins were put out for collection We will investigate the missed collection and if necessary, arrange for the collection crew to return. There may be

  7. How to buy business waste sacks

    You can buy business waste sacks at Hereford customer services  or at libraries in Bromyard, Kington, Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye. Please note that at The Bromyard Centre business waste sacks can only be purchased on Mondays between

  8. Our business waste and recycling service

    your waste to a permitted waste treatment/disposal facility. You can check a waste licence on the public register of waste carriers . How to apply for a business waste collection Apply for a business waste collection You will need to

  9. Business waste - your responsibilities

    What is business waste? Business waste is any waste that is produced by a commercial activity, including one run from your home. The law classifies this waste as commercial or industrial waste and you are required to make suitable

  10. Garden waste and composting

    incineration at our energy-from-waste facility. Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and schedule 1(4) of the Controlled Waste Regulations (2012) local authorities can charge for the collection of garden waste. We make such a charge through the

  11. Items not suitable for rubbish collection

    sack: Recyclable items Acids Corrosive substances Oil waste Paint tins Syringes and infectious waste Garden waste Rubble, stone, soil and gravel DIY and construction waste, such as plaster board Asbestos Commercial waste Hot ashes Bulky waste Hazardous waste Electrical items

  12. Beer kegs (A-Z of waste and recycling in Herefordshire)

    Watch for FREE (by landline) on 0808 100 1945 or via . Beer kegs are classified as commercial waste and cannot be deposited at Household Recycling Centres or collected through the council's household waste collection services.

  13. Building materials or rubble (A-Z of waste and recycling in Herefordshire)

    home is accepted at Household Recycling Centres if you have undertaken the work yourself. However this is not considered household waste if you have paid a trades person to come in and complete the work. The waste then becomes commercial

  14. Things we can collect

    A maximum of two average people should be able to safely carry each item to, and load it onto, the collection vehicle. If items are dismantled please leave each item in its own pile so that each item is clearly

  15. Gulls

    prevent gull activity on your property by: Removing any possible food sources including fallen fruit, animal feed and accessible household waste Keeping your rubbish in bins until the day of collection wherever practical Making sure your bins have secured lids

  16. Pre-planning advice fees

    how to submit a planning application Enquiries made by Herefordshire Council Enquiries made by a town or parish council in connection with their statutory functions Enquiries made by a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or Housing Association (HA) - where the development