You can download our school term calendar to your computer or mobile device.

Term dates for the school year 2021-2022

  Autumn term 2021 Spring term 2022 Summer term 2022
Term starts Thursday 2 September Tuesday 4 January Monday 25 April
Half term Monday 25 October - Friday 29 October Monday 21 February - Friday 25 February Monday 30 May - Friday 3 June
Term ends Friday 17 December Friday 8 April Thursday 21 July

Good Friday: 15 April 2022
Easter Monday: 18 April 2022
May Day: 2 May 2022
Spring bank holiday: 2 June 2022
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee bank holiday: 3 June 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee additional bank holiday 2022

Changes to end of summer term date 2022

An additional bank holiday has been announced for Friday 3 June 2022 as part of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. As the majority of schools are already on half term on this date, it has been agreed that the additional one day holiday can be taken at another time. This has been agreed as Friday 22 July 2022, meaning that the summer term will end on Thursday 21 July 2022.

Term dates for the school year 2022-2023

  Autumn term 2022 Spring term 2023 Summer term 2023
Term starts Monday 5 September Tuesday 3 January Monday 17 April
Half term Monday 24 October - Friday 28 October Monday 20 February - Friday 24 February Monday 29 May - Friday 2 June
Term ends Friday 16 December Friday 31 March Tuesday 25 July

Good Friday: 7 April 2023
Easter Monday: 10 April 2023
May Day: 1 May 2023
Spring bank holiday: 29 May 2023

Term dates for the school year 2023-2024

  Autumn term 2023 Spring term 2024 Summer term 2024
Term starts Monday 4 September Monday 8 January Monday 8 April
Half term Monday 30 October - Friday 3 November Monday 12 February - Friday 16 February Monday 27 May - Friday 31 May
Term ends Friday 22 December Friday 22 March Monday 22 July

Good Friday: 29 March 2024
Easter Monday: 1 April 2024
May Day: 6 May 2024
Spring bank holiday: 27 May 2024

In-service training days may affect term dates

Schools may choose to hold a teachers' in-service training day within term time (up to five days per year), so the dates for when term starts and ends may vary at different schools.

Academies and voluntary aided schools can set their own term dates.

We recommend that you contact your child's school direct for their precise term dates.

You can find the contact details for publicly funded (local authority maintained) primary, secondary and special schools in Herefordshire by using our school directory.

More information about attendance is available on our School attendance and absences webpages. You can find out when it is acceptable for your child to miss school on the government school attendance and absence pages

You can download our school term calendar to your computer or mobile device.