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Nearest Primary Schools
Lea Church Of England Primary School 0.81 miles
Hope Brook Church of England Primary School 2.19 miles
Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School 2.63 miles
Weston Under Penyard Church Of England Primary School 2.66 miles
Gorsley Goffs Primary School 3.19 miles
Primary School Catchment
Lea C.E. County Primary School
Nearest Secondary Schools
Dene Magna Community School 2.96 miles
Newent Community School 4.95 miles
John Kyrle High School And Sixth Form Centre Academy 5.42 miles
The Forest High School 5.56 miles
Five Acres High School 9.48 miles
Secondary School Catchment
The John Kyrle High School & Sixth Form Centre


These distances were calculated from Ordnance survey data as a quick reference guide. View further details about how the distances are calculated.

Living in the catchment area of a school will usually give you a high priority for places but does not guarantee admission. For more information on individual school admissions policies please visit the School Admissions page.

Please note you can only have one nearest school as per the table above. Where the nearest school is less than 0.2 miles from the next nearest school we recommend that you that you contact schooladmissions@herefordshire.gov.uk with the full URL for this page and your full address to discuss the distances and how this will impact your application for a school place/ transport.

If you require further information about the calculations for school transport please contact schooltransport@herefordshire.gov.uk.

Please note that the information on this site is subject to change and currently shows the catchment areas that apply for the current academic year.

When distance to nearest school is critical

Where the nearest school is less than 0.2 miles from the next nearest school and distance is either:

  • Part of the school’s admissions criteria
  • Affects your child's eligibility for free school transport

we recommend that you request a definitive calculation. 

To do this, please email schooladmissions@herefordshire.gov.uk and provide:

  • Your full address, including postcode
  • The full URL for the results of your Find my nearest school search

You can then discuss the distances and how this will impact on your application for a school place / transport.

View how home to school distances are calculated.

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