Accessibility ratings and descriptions

All council-maintained schools are monitored and assessed for accessibility using a scale of 0 to 3. You can use our school directory search to find the accessibility rating for your school. For more information please email or ring 01432 260877.

Summary of physical accessibility standards

  • Level access into building(s): Main and pupil entrance(s) level, with ramps and hand rails as required
  • Level access to all curriculum and social areas (not necessarily entire building/site):  including assembly hall, canteen (may be achieved by sensitive organisation and timetabling)
  • Access to upper floors: if required - lift(s) as alternative to steps or stairs
  • Toilet facilities: small disabled toilet(s) as specified by building regulations - suitable for most disabled pupils. A small number of pupils will require enhanced facilities (hygiene room) to provide greater assistance, including hoisting.
  • Medical, therapy or SEN room: multi-purpose or flexible use - usually required in addition to a hygiene room, for regular physio and other physical  programmes
  • Emergency evacuation: routes should be level and unobstructed. Evacuation must be documented (using Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans - PEEPs) and practised regularly
Rating Details Description
3 Fully accessible As per level 2 with the addition of a full hygiene room and special educational needs or therapy room for pupils who need more assistance with personal care (including hoisting) and regular physio or other treatment
2 Mainly accessible Will meet the needs of most disabled pupils: all standards met including all curriculum areas accessible (may be achieved by timetabling) but no hygiene room
1 Partly accessible Some standards met but some areas not accessible
0 Inaccessible No level access into classrooms