Our pilot waste projects

As part of our work supporting our ambitious integrated waste management strategy 2021 - 2035 we will be launching waste reduction, reuse and recycling projects across the county.

What we have done so far

Stack of colourful reusable cloth nappiesReusable nappies 

Our successful Reusable Nappies pilot project has supported 350 parents/guardians to make the switch to reusable nappies. This helps reduce the amount of waste ending up in the resident's black bin.  

Improvements to communal bin facilities

We are undertaking a county-wide review of flat properties that share communal bin facilities, checking recycling quality and suitability for the new collection service. We will soon be launching a recycling trial at selected flats, to trial the new scheme and improve recycling facilities. We will be working closely with resident associations, management agents and residents in flats and have sent a consultation to residents living in flats above shops. We will help people recycle more at these properties, and will use their feedback to find out the appropriate type and quantities of containers needed before the launch of the new service.

Volunteers working at Ledbury repair cafeRepair cafes

Repair cafes in their simplest form are pop-up events held on a regular date where the local community can get their broken household items repaired by volunteers with the skills to do so.
We're supporting communities to set up and help grow our local repair network through our repair cafe grant funding scheme.

What’s to come?

  • Waste reduction - We will be looking at various projects to help people reduce waste across their communities. This will include:
    • Community fridges/ larder to support surplus food redistribution
    • Assessing the feasibility of starting a Library of Things. A Library of Things works like a regular library but reduces people dependency on buying new things they might only need once.
  • Reuse projects – we will be looking at ways we can measure and then help to encourage more reuse across the county. This will include things like furniture and paint suitable for reuse.