Report graffiti and flyposting

Graffiti and flyposting are illegal. We consider any words or drawings which are written, painted, sprayed or scratched onto a property without the owner's consent to be graffiti. We aim to remove graffiti of a sexual, racial or offensive (contains expletives) nature within 24 hours.

Fly posting is the unauthorised display of advertising material - this includes posters, leaflets and stickers. They are usually placed without the owner's permission on lamp posts, railings, buildings, telephone boxes and other prominent locations, often adjacent to the highway. Fly posters may face an £80 fixed penalty or court proceedings. The council is responsible for removing graffiti and flyposting from public buildings, street furniture and monuments. Other items, like telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity boxes, are the responsibility of the company which owns them.

If graffiti or flyposting is on private property, we can issue a Defacement Removal Notice to the property owner. This requires them to remove the graffiti within 28 days. If they cannot, we can complete the work on their behalf and charge them accordingly. We can only remove it from private property with the owner's written consent.

Report graffiti or flyposting

If you have any information about criminal damage, graffiti, flyposting or any other crime call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or contact your local police office.