Apply for a CVT e-permit

Household recycling centres may only be used by Herefordshire residents to dispose of their own household waste.

You will need a permit if you wish to use a commercial type vehicle or a trailer larger than 1.3m in length to take your household waste to one of our household recycling centres.

No business waste is accepted at any of our sites.


Vehicles requiring a permit for access to household waste and recycling centres


See if you need an e-permit for your vehicle

From spring 2024 the e-permit scheme will be digital, meaning there is no longer a need to wait for printed paper permits through the post. Following your successful application you will receive an email confirmation allowing immediate access to our HRCs.

Please be aware that it could still take up to 10 working days for your application to be confirmed.

Upon arrival at a HRC, a site operative will check your vehicle registration and deduct a visit from your account, there is no need to show any e-permit details. An email will be sent after each HRC visit detailing how many visits remain.

The e-permit does not have an expiry date and will remain valid until used.

Apply for an e-permit - administered by Worcestershire CC