Active travel fund

Herefordshire Council has successfully bid for funding from the government's active travel fund supporting local transport authorities in producing cycling and walking facilities. Our funding was announced in November 2020.

As a result, we are developing a scheme to upgrade walking and cycling (active travel) links between Hereford city centre, the railway station, new university student accommodation and future transport interchange with the colleges and a park and share scheme along Hereford's north eastern radial route.

It will provide improvements along this key route into the city centre from the north east and seeks to address difficulties experienced by pedestrians and cyclists along and across the busy radial route.

We are keen to engage with the community and stakeholders to support the development and delivery of the scheme. A communications strategy for the project details how we will carry out this engagement.

We will update this page as the scheme develops over 2021, including details on how you can get involved.

Emergency response active travel measures

During the Covid-19 restrictions there was less traffic on our roads so many people felt safer to walk and cycle. We would like this to continue and these measures will help make walking and cycling (active travel) a more attractive option for short and local journeys around town.

Temporary measures were introduced in July 2020 to give pedestrians and cyclists space to maintain social distancing and travel safely around Hereford and the market towns.

The measures introduced included widening footways, timed road closures and more dedicated cycle lanes. These are reducing traffic in busy areas allowing more space to walk and cycle. Speed reductions to 20mph were also introduced to help pedestrians and cyclists feel safer where road space is shared.

You can also view the introduced orders for each travel measure.

You can submit feedback about these measures or suggest other interventions.