Reduce traffic speed

There are numerous ways that traffic speed can be influenced, changes to speed limits are only one of these. For example, if the road has street lights and no speed limit signs, then the speed limit of the road is 30mph and we are not permitted to place 30mph speed limit signs on such roads. However, we may be able to work with the parish council to find alternatives of influencing driver behaviour.

If an area is experiencing a high level of speeding traffic, a change to the speed limit may assist. There may also be other more appropriate options such as a speed camera or a speed indicator device.

To request a new speed limit or change an existing one, you should contact your parish council or local councillor. This is because the necessary regulatory process is rigorous and we need to ensure the support from those who represent your community. They will then contact us and we will conduct a survey to determine:

  • How busy the road is
  • How many accidents there have been on the road
  • What impact vehicle speed has on the community
  • Any physical characteristics, such as bends in the road

If the survey determines a change in speed limit is an appropriate solution to a recognisable problem at any site, we will undertake the legal process to issue a new speed limit order.

West Mercia Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits, together with the Safer Roads Partnership who operate safety cameras on behalf of both the council and the police across Herefordshire.

Speed indicator devices application toolkit