Road accident data

Unfortunately each year has seen around 400 personal injury road traffic accidents, resulting in approximately 600 casualties on Herefordshire's roads.

We maintain statistics on all personal injury road accident records within the county dating back to 1979. This data is supplied regularly by West Mercia Police. We analyse the data annually to investigate all aspects of road traffic accidents on the county's roads - to find out why an accident happened and to identify any road black spots. This enables us to prioritise our spending on road improvements and helps develop our annual programme of road safety education campaigns. We can supply road accident information for a charge of £76.60 (includes VAT) per enquiry area. If you require more detailed accident information this may be available subject to an agreed charge dependent on your requirement and our current workload. We supply the data as a contributory factors report via electronic PDF or a posted hard copy, together with receipt for payment where necessary. We aim to supply all data within seven days of request.

In order to process your request, please provide us with the following information:

  • A clear plan outlining the area of interest
  • The date period for the data (please note: due to processing timescales, the latest available data is usually six weeks behind the current date)
  • Payment of £76.59 (includes VAT) by cheque payable to Herefordshire Council, or alternatively a purchase order number if you would like to be invoiced for payment.

To request road accident data, please contact us at email or if you are paying by cheque by post to:

Accident Investigation and Prevention Team
Herefordshire Council
Unit 3 Thorn Business Park